1st Battalion (Catterick)

By 24th September 2014 | Battalion No Comments

This continues to be a very busy year for the Battalion. Just prior to summer leave the Battalion returned from the British Army Training Unit Suffield in Alberta, Canada where it had been providing enemy for the King’s Royal Hussars’ Battle Group as they prepare to become the British Army’s Lead Armoured Battle Group.

This was a highly productive time for the Battalion, providing not only the opportunity to conduct some first class Adventurous Training in the spectacular Rocky Mountains which included sky diving, mountaineering and canoeing; but also allowed the Battalion to take the first steps in its own progression of training ahead of our seminal training event in November; Exercise WESSEX STORM. This month long exercise held in Otterburn and Salisbury Plain will test the Battalion’s capability and will allow it to be held at readiness for operational deployment in 2015.

The Battalion recently completed a Combined Staff and Tactical Training Exercise in Warminster during which the battle group staff’s knowledge and ability to use the planning process was tested, culminating in orders which were then executed by the companies in a simulated environment. The exercise was a huge success in developing common knowledge and understanding at all levels across the Battalion.

Driver training continues at full pace as the companies prepare to operate in the Mechanised Infantry platforms newly arrived back from service in Afghanistan as part of the Battalion’s test of the new Mech Inf operating concept. The Battalion also continues to enjoy a wide variety of sports and adventure training. The Battalion rugby and football teams continue to build on last season’s successes, while a group from the Battalion recently returned from walking in Nepal. Preparations are also underway for the Battalion’s annual ski camp as well as repeating our representation at the Infantry Alpine Ski Championships, Nordic Ski Championships and the Cresta Run.