Drill Sergeant Daniel Wight

Service Number 23908198


Falkland Islands



Aged 27
KIA Battle of Mount Tumbledown
It was decided by the commanding officer LT COL Mike Scott that this wasn't a very good plan so everything was changed so that instead Tumbledown would be taken from the flank and rolled up. Part of this plan called for a diversion attack to be mounted from the same area (Pony Pass) that was intended to give the impression of an attack and hopefully divert attention to this area.
The diversion attack called for the men to crawl to within 200m of the enemy position and then go "noisy". Sadly in the confusion of the night the reinforced patrol walked right into the Argentine positions before being fired on at point blank range. WO2 Danny Wight (2SG) and LCPL John Pashley (9PARA RE) were killed almost instantly and in the ensuing melee and retreat almost all the other members were wounded.
Danny was known for being strict as a soldier but was well respected by his men. John Kiszely says ‘Danny Wight was Drill Sergeant of the battalion, that means he was the deputy Regimental Sergeant Major. He was brilliant at his job with a great sense of humour. Everyone in the battalion knew him and everyone really liked and admired him. What a tragedy it was that he was killed. So sad.’
Married to Shenia and had 2 sons


Country Location Name of Memorial Campaign Names Date(s)
Falkland islands Mt Tumbledown, Falkland islands Mount Tumbledown Memorial Falkland Islands
Danny Wight 14-6-1982 View
England Blackpool Cenotaph North Promenade Blackpool Blackpool Lancashire FY1 1RE Blackpool Memorial to 2nd Battalion Scots Guards Falkland Islands
Danny Wight 14-6-1982 View

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