The Memorial Project

Over many years in many parts of the world memorials have been constructed to remember Scots Guardsmen in both war and peace.

As part of the work of the Regimental Historical Committee a project has begun
to set up a computer database to record these memorials and Michael Campbell-Lamerton has volunteered to co-ordinate it. Some of the memorials are well known but others we don’t know about and we want your help to find them.

We are looking for:

  • Large or small memorials to single Scots Guardsmen, detachments or Battalions, from times long past until the present day.
  • The memorial could be anything from plaques to stained glass windows in churches, to trees of remembrance, in fact anything which in the respectful memory of our officers or Guardsmen.
  • The names of Scots Guardsmen killed and listed on local town or village war memorials.
  • Headstones of graves in UK or abroad which record service in the Scots Guards, but please not those men buried in Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemeteries because they are listed comprehensively by that organisation.

We know of memorials from as far afield as Canada or the Far East to as near as Edinburgh, the Highlands, London and Liverpool but there are many still unknown. In the year ahead If you know of any memorials or you discover new ones on your travels please let Michael Campbell-Lamerton know.

Memorial information required is:
  • Who or what formation of the Regiment is named on the memorial. What event, dates or other inscriptions on the memorial.
  • The country, nearest town/city or other details of location.
  • A description of the memorial with a photograph if possible.
  • For bigger sites a copy of any advertising information or leaflets would be useful.
Please sent any information that you find to: Michael Campbell-Lamerton
T: 07920 725572

As the information on the database builds up Michael Campbell-Lamerton will be sending regular updates to Archives at RHQ who remains the point of contact about for inquiries on past members of the Regiment.