Welcome to the Scots Guards Association

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We take great care in looking after our old soldiers and their families, which costs an increasing amount of money every year from our charitable fund. Our Regiment has been serving the Crown for over 350 years and we are immensely proud of our heritage and our ability to adapt to changing times both in the British Army and the country as a whole. Please enjoy learning about our Association and if you were once part of the family then why not renew those ties and join your local Branch.

The Objectives:

  • Maintaining and supporting the network of Past and Present members of the Regiment.
  • To foster an Esprit de Corps and promote the best interests of the Regiment.
  • To bring to the attention of Regimental Headquarters any case deserving of assistance from Regimental Funds, and to give particular assistance to any member, wife, widow or children who may be in distressed circumstances.

Colonel JDL Leask MBE
Regimental Lieutenant Colonel and President Scots Guards Association

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