How to get help

Scots Guards Welfare Office

If you or someone you know needs assistance from the Scots Guards Welfare Office please get in touch using the details below:

Maj (Retd) MA Cape | Regt Welfare & Finance Officer | The Castle | Edinburgh | EH1 2YT | Skype 0300 154 0159 | finance@scotsguards.org |


SSAFA provides lifelong support to serving personnel, veterans, and their families. Providing a range of services including practical, emotional, and financial assistance to those in need. It operates a network of trained.

Financial support, housing assistance, mental health services, and practical help through volunteer networks.


The Royal British Legion (TRBL)

The Royal British Legion offers support to members of the British Armed Forces, veterans, and their families – providing financial aid, care homes, and social support. TRBL is also best known for organising the annual Poppy Appeal to raise funds.

Financial grants, care homes, employment support, and advocacy.


Poppy Scotland

Poppy Scotland provides support to Scotland’s veterans and their families through financial assistance, advice, and employment services. The organisation is committed to improving the lives of those who have served, focusing on areas like housing, health, and well-being.

Financial grants, housing support, employment services, and mental health support.


Veterans Gateway

Veterans Gateway serves as a first point of contact for veterans seeking support, it provides access to a network of organisations offering a range of services including housing, healthcare, and employment.

Information and referral services for housing, health, financial assistance, and employment.


Army Benevolent Fund

The Army Benvolent Fund provides lifetime support to soldiers and veterans from the British Army and their families. They offer financial assistance to help with a wide range of issues including disability, mental health, and family welfare.

Financial grants, family support, housing, and mental health services.



Blesma supports limbless veterans and those who have lost the use of limbs or eyes. They focus on rehabilitation, offering practical, emotional, and financial support to improve the quality of life for their members.

Rehabilitation, prosthetics, financial aid, and community support.


Combat Stress

Combat Stress is dedicated to helping veterans with mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. They offer a range of services including therapy, peer support, and residential treatment programmes.

Mental health services, therapy, peer support, and residential treatment.


Blind Veterans UK

Blind Veterans UK provides free support and services to vision-impaired veterans. They help veterans regain independence through rehabilitation, training, and social activities.

Rehabilitation, training, social activities, and practical support.


The Not Forgotten Association

The Not Forgotten Association offers entertainment and recreation for serving and ex-service personnel with disabilities or illness. They aim to improve mental and physical health through social activities and outings.

Social activities, outings, and entertainment.


Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes provides support to wounded, injured, and sick veterans and their families. Their programmes focus on physical and mental rehabilitation, as well as welfare support and career recovery.

Rehabilitation, welfare support, career recovery, and mental health services.


The Royal British Legion Scotland

Legion Scotland supports veterans and their families in Scotland through friendship, remembrance, and welfare services, offering advice, financial assistance, and social activities.

Financial aid, advice, social activities, and welfare services.


Haig Housing Trust

Haig Housing Trust provides affordable housing to veterans and their families. They manage a large portfolio of properties across the UK, ensuring veterans have access to stable and secure homes.

Affordable housing, property management, and welfare support.



Erskine provides nursing, residential, and dementia care for veterans in Scotland. They aim to enhance the quality of life for ex-service personnel through specialized care homes and support services.

Nursing care, residential care, dementia care, and support services.


Scotland's Veterans Residences (SVR)

SVR offers supported accommodation to veterans in Scotland. They provide safe and secure housing along with support services to help veterans lead independent lives.

Supported accommodation, welfare services, and independent living support.


Veterans Housing Scotland

Veterans Housing Scotland provides affordable housing to disabled veterans and their families. They aim to ensure veterans have access to suitable homes and support to live independently.

Affordable housing, support services, and independent living assistance.