Ensign William Campbell


American War of Independence



Campbell was mortally wounded by sniper fire and buried in an unmarked grave at Pruden Street, West Haven, Connecticut, during Tryon’s Raid, in 1779.
Just prior to his death, he ensured a local pastor Reverend Williston who was about to be executed by the British was treated for his leg wound and Campbell spared the town from being pillaged and fire. As a result a local proclamation to honour him was issued.
It is interesting that Campbell appears to have been the first officer of the Regiment commissioned from the ranks – in 1777. The Commissioning Book misses a number of people out at that time and he’s one. It seems to have become much more systematic from the Napoleonic era onwards. But it does look as though he was promoted in the field, to judge from the dates.

'Interesting thing about this officer is not only is a main street in the town named for him, but he most likely has the only monument to an individual "enemy" soldier in the United States' (Cliff Dudley teachs History at the University of New Haven, across the street from the memorial to Campbell).


Country Location Name of Memorial Campaign Names Date(s)
USA University of New Haven, West Haven, Connecticut, USA Westhaven Connecticut Memorial to William Campbell American War of Independence
William Campbell 5-7-1779 View

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