F Company

F Company is a small independent branch of the Regiment which is based permanently in London. F Company provides Royal Guards to Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Tower of London.

As a newly qualified combat infantryman, you can expect a short tour in F Company on completion of training. When not on royal duties providing the ‘shop window’ for the country, the Guardsmen of F Company can be found on exercise all over the world. Recent trips include Poland, Germany, France, Kazakhstan, Belize and Spain.


Scots Guardsman locomotive


Guardsman: When you join the Scots Guards, you will not just have a career, but a life. Scots Guardsmen are trained to the highest standards.

Officer: There are only a few commissions available in the Scots Guards each year and competition is fierce.

If you are interested in serving across the globe with one the most famous infantry Regiments then follow the link above for details on entry requirements and procedures.